Building a multi-cultural team

During consultations at sistemica GmbH, clients often expressed the need for building Proofs of Concept (PoCs), Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), and more comprehensive solutions. While sistemica GmbH primarily focused on consulting and quick PoCs to verify technology and business feasibility, there was a clear demand for a dedicated approach to developing digital solutions. In response, I partnered with three colleagues to establish, a company dedicated to creating digital solutions and products for clients. As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), I have been instrumental in forming a multidisciplinary team capable of working across various technologies and domains, providing clients with a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for their digital needs.

My primary responsibilities include defining the company’s strategic direction, selecting appropriate technology stacks, and creating initial implementation plans for projects. Additionally, I oversee the recruitment and selection of new employees, and actively network with freelancers and partners to enhance our capabilities.