Growing and leading a Java and a TIBCO consulting team

In my role as Lead of the Competence Center for TIBCO and Java at Lufthansa Systems GmbH, I initially led a team of Java developers before expanding to include a TIBCO development team. We already implemented and lived the DevOps principles, although the term didn’t exist. My responsibilities included team leadership, prioritization, and project planning, ensuring streamlined processes and efficient workflow. I served as the primary contact for clients, effectively representing the team and coordinating project activities.

I played a significant role in requirement engineering, overseeing the production and implementation phases, and ensuring rigorous testing processes. I was deeply involved in incident and change management, maintaining high standards of client satisfaction through effective problem resolution and adaptability.

I managed vendor relationships, optimizing collaboration and service delivery. My key achievement was transitioning 2nd and 3rd level operations to a nearshore team, for which I was responsible, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. My leadership ensured seamless project execution, maintained operational excellence, and upheld robust client satisfaction.

During that time I also got trainings and certifications in TIBCO and led different migration projects between new versionsof TIBCO BW/EMS.