Re-launch of Website

Together with my partner Bassem Fawaz and we migrated the current website, with low-performance and out-dated libraries to NextJS with Cloudflare and Google Cloud. We stabilized the existing backend, updated the database and added new payment features. We also moved the backend to a high availability, auto-scaling Kubernetes Cluster and created a new test environment. We added as a proof of concept a customer chat bot, also able to answer questions about bookings and payments and created a visual model to re-name pictures (for SEO) to contain the content of the picture (e.g. Lobby, Pool, etc)

My primary responsibilities where in defining the to-be architecture for the frontend, identify backend and infrastructure improvements and to build the dev team from the ground up. I was responsible for candidate search/screening and hiring process, as well as onboarding. Then I defined the processes for the development and helped wherever needed, mostly in analyzing of current problems, suggesting fixes and monitor them during deployment.