Building the proof-of-concept and bootstrapping the developer team

Together with two partner I founded the company “OMNIPEAK.AI” in October 2023. I was involved until April 2024 in finding, validating and defining the value proposition of the product (from the technical point of view). I was involved in shaping Vision and Mission of the company. I helped by building the first prototype of the product to raise the first seed round and showcase the idea to the investors. The application was built with Golang, HTMX and Tailwind with OpenAI, Zapier and Email integration. It had an UI to design flexibly the AI agents which then where executed within a runtime. The PoC helped to convince the investors to believe in our idea so that we quickly closed the first round.

My primary responsibilities where in defining the tech stack, the initial architecture and to build the dev team from the ground up. I was responsible for candidate search/screening and hiring process, as well as onboarding. The team was setup in a “breathing” manner, so that it was roughly 10 members but not all where full-time working on the project.