My company and consulting

I decided to found my own company sistemica GmbH for consulting clients in the matter of Enterprise Application Integration, Data Engineering and Machine Learning. With my company I could leverage my experience and help companies with their digital transformation projects. We first focused on EAI and ESB Platforms (TIBCO), Data Integration (Spotfire). Later we expanded to the API-Led approach from MuleSoft and more generic Integration Projects.

Over the time we provided independent consulting services to our clients, free from the influence of technology vendors, to help them select and implement the most suitable solutions for their specific use cases. This independence has enabled us to gain extensive experience with a diverse range of technologies. We support the entire lifecycle of integration projects, from gathering requirements with stakeholders and users from a business perspective, to drafting requirements documents, technical specifications, and defining APIs (e.g., REST, gRPC using OpenAPI/Swagger). Our services include designing and implementing system integrations, as well as testing and go-live support.

We have experience working with in-house development teams, as well as utilizing nearshore and offshore outsourcing models, leveraging our robust network of nearshore partners. Additionally, we assist teams and clients by building or expanding their developer and integration teams, offering expertise in training, hiring, and knowledge transfer.

With the rise of AI we now specialized also in consulting companies the strategy of integration of AI in their business processes and IT landscape. We help define AI roadmaps, select suitable use cases, evaluate and select technologies like machine learning frameworks and data processing platforms. We provide support in building prototypes, developing and deploying (with my other company -

With my company, my consultants and me have been supporitng big German enterprises in different industries from Logistics, Air Freight Transportation, Airlines and also Finance in different roles and responsibilities, always with the focus to automate processes with the help of application integration. This includes designing and developing integrations between core systems and external services, building APIs and microservices, migrating monoliths to modern architectures and leveraging AI for predictive and automated decision making.

I myself hold several certifications to support my daily work, from Requirements Engineering over Testing (ISTQB) but also process oriented ones like ITIL or developer centric (MuleSoft Development).